Any successful business has gone through a reasonable amount of trial and error to find out what tactics are effective. Within the managed services industry, no handbook of rights and wrongs exists—partially because this is a newer industry that hasn’t been around very long. As managed services has transitioned into telecom, Managed IT, and now Smart Office and Reseller Automation, new opportunities to expand service and product offerings are available for dealers to leverage. In order to generate more revenue each year and guarantee quality for all customers, some of the common mistakes Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must avoid include:

  1. Hiring based solely off of resumes: A resume may offer insight into a prospective employee’s previous work experience, but it is a huge mistake to hire based solely off of resumes. Other factors that should be considered throughout the interview process include a having positive, “go-getter” attitude; being a team player; and employment longevity. Longevity at a previous job is typically a good indicator of a loyal, hard-working employee that is planning to work for you for the long run.
  2. Not focusing on training: Always remember that training will teach an employee skills that they did not have previously. Some companies rush to have an employee take on all of their new responsibilities, but remember, adequate training will teach your new employee about your company, its culture, and all of the skills that are essential to succeed.
  3. Failing to clearly state goals: Being clear about your company’s goals is beneficial for any business—especially for MSPs. Experts recommend setting both short- and long-term goals specific to every project and overall objective. Setting goals is an effective way to onboard new employees so that they understand their overall objective, and understand how important their participation is to reach the final goal. Setting goals provides clear direction, creates employee accountability, and a imparts a sense of teamwork as employees depend on one another to fulfill the current plan.
  4. Lacking consistency: As with any other challenge you face, creating consistency is key. Standardize the technology offered to customers so that execution is consistent, as well as the final product. Consistency should be created with technology, whether you develop a sales strategy or utilize ERPs that can create synergy with new products and dealers—consistency is top priority.
  5. Never stop growing: As a managed service provider, there are various new avenues to transition into. In recent years, Managed IT and telecom have been the best areas in which to expand your service offerings. As technology is constantly advancing, new opportunities for service offerings continue to present themselves. The ITEX trade show will be expanding on Reseller Automation and Smart Office, the two newest, hottest topics in the industry:
    • Reseller Automation: Designed specifically for Resellers in the Technology and Imaging space to increase service quality, improve delivery, and lower costs. Explore how using today’s available reseller tools can streamline business operations to make dealers and VARs more efficient.
    • Smart Office: With Alexa, Siri, Google, and the other automation tools quickly taking over the home, business environments have begun integrating new Smart Office technologies. These products help to lower costs, while making the office safer and remotely manageable. Our attendees will learn how to integrate these products into their current lineup of technology solutions.

As a Managed Service Provider, you are constantly looking for ways to leverage your current resources and offerings to transition into new areas. If you want to get ahead of competition, attend the ITEX trade show at the MGM Grand on April 24-25, 2019 to stay ahead on the cutting edge and expand your service offerings.