Static Control/APR 14 2020 – In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Static Control has donated masks to area medical facilities. In general, there has been a huge shortage of masks, gloves, gowns and other personal protection equipment (PPE) to medical facilities throughout the United States and world.

The closest hospital to Static Control’s headquarters is Sanford-based Central Carolina Hospital (CCH). Static Control sent 650 masks on Friday, April 3 to its emergency room department to help combat the disease in the area. So far, Sanford has had fourteen reported cases of COVID-19 as of this writing.

“Donations like this – you can’t put a price on them,” said Curt Zabel, Supply Chain Director of CCH. “It goes a long way with our staff. It’s not just protecting them from this virus, but the perpetual hazards that staff can encounter while on the job. We can’t express how much this means to us.”

Static Control also donated 650 masks to FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital, another area hospital about 30 miles from Static Control; 150 masks to FastMed Sanford, an urgent care facility; 150 to Sanford Pediatrics; and 150 masks to Pinehurst Medical/Sanford Medical Group. All of these medical facilities help provide services to Static Control’s employees and families.

In addition to donating to medical facilities, Static Control provided masks to employees and their immediate family members who worked in the medical field or had a high risk for contracting COVID-19, such as being elderly or having a serious underlying medical condition such as asthma or diabetes. More than 700 masks were sent to employees to help protect themselves in the wake of the virus.

According to the CDC, the best course of prevention from contracting the coronavirus is to avoid being exposed to the virus. Wearing appropriate PPE will help, although there are other ways to protect yourself during COVID19 pandemic. Static Control hopes the masks given away will help prevent further spread of the virus. For more tips on prevention, see the CDC’s recommendations here: HTTPS://WWW.CDC.GOV/CORONAVIRUS/2019-NCOV/PREVENT-GETTING-SICK/PREVENTION.HTML.

“In this time of need, we felt it important to be able to help in any way we were able,” said Elizabeth McKee, Static Control’s General Counsel who helped coordinate the mask giveaway and distribution. “We all should help those who are putting themselves on the front line to help combat the disease in our communities.”

Static Control is thankful for all the heroes working on the front line of combating COVID-19.