M-Files AI-powered solution connects business systems, streamlines workflows and supports compliance to dramatically improve document management and collaboration in Microsoft Teams

DALLAS, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced enhancements to its Microsoft Teams solution that will drive new efficiencies and collaboration across organizations. M-Files now provides AI-powered information management across different Teams channels, Office 365 applications, SharePoint sites, and other systems and content repositories – all within the familiar Teams application.

Inside the Microsoft Teams interface, users search for information across disparate systems and archives and collaborate with coworkers on sensitive content. Without an automated solution that supports Microsoft Teams collaboration in managing this enterprise information, businesses are at risk of content silos and duplicated documents, inhibiting productivity and compliance with company governance and industry standards and regulations.

M-Files enables Microsoft Teams users to automate information management with AI-powered metadata, workflows, and permissions. Within the Teams user interface, M-Files connects network folders, SharePoint, file-sharing services, ECM systems, CRM, ERP, and other business systems and repositories all in one view, breaking down content silos across the organization. Using artificial intelligence, M-Files automatically tags documents with the correct metadata to ensure proper document categorization and permissions. M-Files provides access to relevant documents via multiple Teams channels or directly within familiar Office applications, such as Word and Excel, to ensure users are always working with the correct, latest version of a document.

M-Files also provides specialized solution templates that can be customized for Microsoft Teams to address customers’ compliance and regulatory needs. These solutions offer automatic recordkeeping and archival of materials that are vital to proving compliance and passing an audit. Additionally, M-Files – – automatically manages access control lists and metadata-based security rules, providing a single sign-on experience to all data via Azure AD authentication. Within Microsoft Teams, users now have access to:
*M-Files HR to manage employee documents, information, and onboarding/employee lifecycle processes
*M-Files Contract Management to streamline contract management processes
*M-Files QMS to manage rigorous quality and compliance documentation,
including standard operating procedures, training records, CAPAs, and more

“With our M-Files solution for Microsoft Teams, we are bringing together next-generation intelligent information management with world-class collaboration, offering a new road-map for digital transformation across the enterprise,” said Mika Javanainen, vice president of product marketing at M-Files. “Together, M-Files and Microsoft Teams seamlessly complement Office 365 applications and other business systems, enhancing the digital workplace with a single digital business hub for all enterprise information, automated business processes, and customized compliance solutions.”

For more information on the M-Files solution for Microsoft Teams, please visit here.

About M-Files Corporation
M-Files provides a next-generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in its unique Intelligent Metadata Layer, M-Files breaks down silos by delivering an in-context experience for accessing and leveraging information that resides in any system and repository, including network folders, SharePoint, file-sharing services, ECM systems, CRM, ERP, and other business systems and repositories. Thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries use M-Files for managing their business information and processes, including NBC Universal, OMV, Valmet, Rovio, SAS Institute and thyssenkrupp. For more information, visit http://www.m-files.com.

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