Aug 19th, 2019 – The Channel Partner Division of consumables giant LD Products is pleased to announce the addition of Al Mayne and Kenneth Watmore to support resellers growing demand for LD’s GOLD Line Series of premium quality new-build toner cartridges that recently received great reviews from BLI Laboratories.

According to LD officials, the recent surge in demand for LD’s GOLD Line Series has been largely driven by dealers looking to recapture lost margins over leading remanufactured and OEM toner cartridges. Despite what appears to be a temporary toner discounting strategy by OEMs targeting larger dealers, the LD GOLD Line continues to gain momentum among dealers of all sizes based on quality, performance, and profitability.

“While many larger dealers are wowed by HP’s Quicksilver and Premier Partner programs and the very low (for OEM) pricing, our LD GOLD Line Series is still priced substantially lower which is very appealing to dealers of all sizes looking to maximize profitability with a quality cartridge on cost-per-page agreements” stated Matt Geisel, VP Sales of LD Channel Partner Division.

Matt Geisel
Matt Geisel, VP Sales of LD Channel Partner Division

Effective immediately, Al Mayne and Kenneth Watmore will be responsible for providing Imaging Dealers and Managed Print Providers with a proven, BLI Tested, premium quality new-build toner alternative at price points up to 20-30% below the most competitive OEM program offering.

Al Mayne brings LD customers tremendous industry experience supporting dealers with parts and remanufactured toner cartridges for years throughout the United States. Al was drawn by LD’s commitment to providing dealers with a proven product now backed by testimonials from many of the largest dealers in North America.

Kenneth Watmore will also join the LD Channel Partner Division having completed months of in-field training and certification to support new and existing LD dealers.

Both LD representatives will focus on larger dealers concerned about anticipated OEM price increases and smaller dealers looking to remain price competitive on transactional and fleet opportunities. Interested dealers will enjoy LD’s nationwide distribution, commitment to personalized service and a brand-new cartridge for end-users to avoid common resistance to remanufactured alternatives.

“In addition to welcoming Al and Kenneth this month, we are continuing to expand our sales organization and invest in R&D, quality control and order fulfillment technology to help our dealers grow faster,” said Christian Pepper, President of LD Channel Partner Division. “Dealer principles understand the risks associated with supplier concentration and we are we stand ready and financially secure to help dealers navigate and succeed in these turbulent market conditions.”

As LD Products continues to grow within the imaging channel, the Channel Partner Division expects to offer more exciting new opportunities to join a winning team and be a part of LD’s impressive growth strategy.

To learn more about LD Products Channel Partner Division or the LD GOLD Line Series of premium quality new-build toner cartridges, please visit the website or speak with an LD Channel Partner representative.

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About LD Products Channel Partners Division

LD Products’ Channel Partner division offers the Gold Line of Non-Infringing New Build Compatible printer consumables exclusively to qualified dealers.

The Gold line is engineered in the USA and assembled by contract manufacturing partners in China. The packaging is unbranded, and resellers own logos and contact info is applied at the point of sale by attaching a wraparound label detailing a picture of the cartridge inside, product info and delivery instructions.

The Gold line features a lifetime warranty and includes hassle-free cost coverage for resellers that must respond to onsite printer repairs caused by a faulty consumable. LD stands behind its products and fully indemnifies its customers in writing for infringement claims of U.S. Patents.