[Middleton, WI]Laser Express, a twenty-year veteran company in the printer parts distribution industry, is pleased and excited to announce their move to a new, 65,000 square foot facility! The new location, built on a 14-acre plot at 3620 Venture Avenue in Middleton, WI, is a state-of-the-art facility. There is a lot of buzz about the building, which has even garnered compliments from local radio celebrities who have passed the building-in-progress on their way into the station.

Brian Faust, owner and CEO of Laser Express, said “This move will allow us to combine multiple facilities into one, shrinking our overall physical footprint while increasing efficiencies. We’re looking out for our customers by shortening our fulfillment times. With all of our inventory under one roof, we can more effectively, more efficiently serve our customers”.

Laser Express is showing its commitment to the environment in the process by using solar panels to provide about 40% of its power needs. And the extensive open glass used in the design isn’t just for ambience – the use of natural sunlight will help to regulate energy usage, as well. Innovative push-back racking is being used to increase shelf capacity and decrease footprint, as well. The company will continue to operate its Texas distribution facility to meet customer needs from two distribution points.

“It’s been a lot of work coordinating all efforts to ensure that we have the best facility in the industry,” Faust said. “But it’s been worth it! Our employees are excited, our community is excited, and we are happy to share this excitement with our customers.”

The move to a new facility is timely. Having recently acquired West Coast Platen, Laser Express is seeing quick growth into new markets. But this growth doesn’t mean an abandonment of the principles that make the company strong. Faust said: “While we are excited about these new changes, our loyal customers will see the same level of service and attention that they’ve enjoyed all along. We have big-time availability, value, and expertise combined with a personal touch. Our inventory and facility may be large, but we’re still a small business, at heart.”