Clover Imaging Group (CIG) released a multipack range for use in HP Colour LaserJet printers.

The multipacks are CMYK sets for HP Colour LJ M551, HP Colour LJ M476, HP Colour LJ M451, HP Colour LJ M251, HP Colour LJ CP4025, HP Colour LJ CP3525, HP Colour LJ CP1525, HP Colour LJ CP1025, HP Colour LJ CP2025 and HP Colour LJ CP1215 printers.

CIG commented: “Tailored for a modern and competitive workspace environment, Multipacks are an effective means of generating revenue growth. Your order values will increase, unit costs will decrease, thereby contributing to the holy grail of increased profit margins.“

The CIG Multipack range is set to expand over time as it extends to other OEM brands.

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