Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) has announced that ENX Magazine has selected Bob Madaio, vice president of marketing (SIICA); Greg Gumpright, director of service and support (Sharp Electronics Corp. [SEC]); and John Sheehan, senior vice president of channel sales (SEC) as 2020 Difference Makers.

Profiles on Madaio, Sheehan and Gumpright, as well as 54 other honorees, will be included in the May/June issue of ENX Magazine. Each year, the magazine calls for Difference Maker nominations and the magazine’s staff sifts through more than 100 candidates to identify those who exhibit the qualities and intangibles that truly define the spirit of a Difference Maker.

“This unprecedented period in our collective history underscores the value a difference maker can offer to our society,” said Susan Neimes, managing editor, ENX Magazine and ENX The Week In Imaging. “The same can be said about business. These are the men and women who deliver on the promise of our professional values and who we strive to be. Without them, our companies would not be able to flourish. These 55 individuals reflect our better selves and the core objective to serve customers, team members and valued stakeholders. We salute and thank them for their efforts.”

As a relative newcomer to the technology industry, Madaio has brought a fresh perspective and diverse background to SIICA. He focuses on collaboration efforts with team members and Madaio’s experience gives him a true pulse on the IT industry. He works closely with technical experts, technical leaders and sales teams across Sharp.

Gumpright has more than 32 years of experience in the office technology industry. He joined Sharp in 2018 and quickly started revitalizing some of Sharp’s service programs, reinventing the critical Master Technician Competition and Platinum Service Programs for Sharp’s dealers.

Sheehan leads Sharp’s document channel and professional AV B2B regional dealer sales teams, government account sales teams and channel service solutions training teams. He is focused on helping the business evolve to serve the integrated smart office, which is fast becoming a priority in modern workplaces.

“We’re honored to have three executives represent Sharp as ENX Magazine Difference Makers,” said Mike Marusic, president and CEO, SIICA. “Bob, Greg and John have had a profound impact on the success and growth of the company and we’re proud to consider them part of the Sharp family.”

“It is fascinating to see the paths traveled by our Difference Makers,” said Erik Cagle, editorial director, ENX Magazine. “Regardless of where they began, each person found a home in the imaging technology universe and carved out his (or her) own niche. They are the foundations for success, and their attitudes, drive and work ethics are worthy of emulation.”