Picture this if you will…

An MPS program manager walks into the Dealership President’s office to share the good news. The MPS manager has returned with a signed contract from a new client; over 300,000 pages per month! The deal includes 10 new MFP placements and MPS services on 100 legacy printers and was sold at a projected 30% profit margin.

In walks the Vice President of Operations, and after a few high-fives, the questions start. What makes and models of printers are included in the legacy fleet? Are the machines fit for service? Is there high yield and/or remanufactured supplies available for the printer fleet? How many physical addresses are being serviced?

The initial excitement starts to wane and the owner asks the sales leader, “Did you not know this before you sold the MPS contract?!”

Has this ever happened at your dealership? As an owner, service leader, sales leader or MPS program manager, have you ever wanted to pick the brain of your peers on pricing, sales, or contract management?

Well, I have recruited just such a group to join me at ITEX 2019 for a first of its kind dealer panel. I will moderate the breakout session “MPS Strategies Debated, Analyzed and Discussed.” I have called on a few industry friends to join me and offer their unique insights on pricing, user management, sales, and operational benchmarks.

The Cast, AKA Panelists:

The President / Owner: Chip Miceli, The Pulse Group

Chip Miceli was an early adapter of Managed Print Services within a traditional copier dealership model. He is someone I have collaborated and bounced ideas off of for years, as it relates to sales compensation, MPS program positioning, evolving an offering, and driving profit. An interesting note about Chip is his involvement in the recent rebranding of DPOE and several acquisitions in Indiana by The Pulse Group. I also look forward to his perspective of driving a culture of MPS across multiple locations and divisions.

The MPS Program / Sales Expert: John Dodge, Advanced Systems, Inc.

John Dodge is actively out prospecting and selling MPS daily in his role at Advanced Systems, located in eastern Iowa. He is also responsible for pricing and working with the MPS software partners on overall solutions. John knows what it is like to have to evaluate and craft deals, complete assessments and determine how to price for profitable engagements. His boots on the ground experience makes him a go-to person on sales engagement.

The Vice President of Operations: Joshua Gerson, Ford Business Machines

I first met Joshua Gerson at a CDA meeting. After retiring from the U.S. Army, Josh returned home to rejoin with Ford Business Machines. His unique perspective from not always being “in” our industry is a fresh voice that I appreciate. He has taken the lead on operational excellence for Ford, and has also built up a new NOC and Managed IT service offering. All this while working to help secure new MPS business with his sales and service teams.

With the panel’s collaboration, hopefully, the attendees will learn how to improve their MPS program in key areas. I encourage ITEX attendees to submit any questions or topics you want to be covered during the session, by tweeting @sarah4success with #ITEXMPSPanel. Let’s start this conversation now and build up engagement as we lead into the show.

Don’t forget to note in your schedule, April 24th, 9 AM – 10 AM, in Room 106. Join me to learn from these industry leaders and to hear from your peers.

Sarah Henderson

Director, MPS and Professional Services

Clover Imaging Group

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