For 11 years, Photizo Group has been at the forefront of helping clients transform their business models to maximize their market growth in the rapidly evolving and dynamic imaging market. The firm advocated that to survive and thrive, imaging firms need to transform their business models to new service centric models. Photizo Group established a leadership position by being at the forefront of MPS.

During the last two years, Photizo Group invested heavily in their own transformation through the development of a Predictive Analytics division led by Scott Hornbuckle. Today we are announcing that Photizo Group is completing its transformation by being acquired by Virtulytix – an advanced analytics firm based in Lexington, Kentucky. Virtulytix provides both “on premise” and “as a Service” advanced analytics solutions which optimize industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enabled fleets by utilizing predictive modeling and other advanced analytics technologies to reduce waste in supply items and logistics chains, reduce service and warranty cost through highly accurate advanced failure prediction, and optimize revenue by maximizing fleet uptime via reducing unplanned service and maintenance events. Virtulytix tools and solutions are currently deployed in the Semiconductor, Imaging, and Nuclear Power industries.

Virtulytix enables clients to optimize their IoT enabled fleets by applying a full range of solutions design and development capabilities including needs analysis and use case development, solutions design and development, deployment services including integrating into production systems.

Through this acquisition, Virtulytix is able to leverage the significant investment and intellectual property development that Photizo Group Inc. made into predictive analytics including the patent pending model for dramatically reducing wasted toner due to early replacement in managed imaging fleets. The management team of Virtulytix includes the industry veterans from Photizo Group including Scott Hornbuckle (President), Mario Diaz (VP Consulting), and Ron Iversen (VP Market Intelligence Services).

Virtulytix will continue to support Photizo Group’s imaging industry clients by providing consulting and market intelligence services specifically for the imaging industry. The services provided by Photizo Group will continue under Virtulytix including:

  • Market Intelligence Services, led by Ron Iversen, including the Office Supplies Advisory Service, MPS Advisory Service, Wide Format Forecasts, Ink in the Office Advisory Service, and the Navigator Advisory Service. Virtulytix will continue the model of wrapping high value advisory services including briefings, inquiries, and forecasts, around critical topic areas for the imaging industry; and,
  • Consulting, led by Mario Diaz, addressing strategic and tactical issues relevant to our clients including traditional subjects such as developing and implementing market penetration and growth plans, strategy development and reviews, new product strategy and development and channel strategies and development. Virtulytix will continue to provide a personalized ‘boutique’ approach to projects we are engaged in around the globe. In addition, Virtulytix brings strong data science and data engineering skills to solving our client’s big data and industrial IoT challenges.

Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for Photizo Group clients. Clients who are in the midst of a project will not see any impact and will continue to work with the same project team. Please contact your Client Executive with any questions regarding your specific project.

For questions regarding this acquisition, please feel free to contact Scott Hornbuckle at Virtulytix Inc. at either [email protected] or +1 (502) 664-0733. This is really an exciting chapter in our working relationship with you and I look forward to our team continuing to serve your needs.