Proven business leader Ben Jackson tapped to grow outside sales division at award-winning business automation software platform

BELLEVUE, Neb. — Tigerpaw Software, creator of the technology services industry’s first and most complete business automation platform, has named Ben Jackson its new director of sales.

After an extensive, nation-wide search, Tigerpaw Chief Operating Officer Joel Vaslow says there are several reasons why Jackson was picked to lead the company’s outside sales division.

“First, Ben is a great culture fit for us,” Vaslow says. “He is a huge advocate for authenticity and even wrote a LinkedIn post about bringing your weird to work. Second, Ben has a track record of success in building/rebuilding sales teams. In these past efforts, he’s introduced practical techniques to transform every aspect of the sales process. Finally, Ben leads by example — directly engaging with prospects to help close deals while demonstrating the behaviors he expects from our sales team.”

Jackson started his first company at the age of 22 and grew it rapidly through five acquisitions and multiple locations in the San Francisco area. He has held executive roles at several other companies, with experience in hospitality, finance, and SaaS. Jackson was an integral part of LinkedIn’s sales operations in Omaha, leading teams in operations, customer service and sales through LinkedIn’s rapid-growth phases post-IPO through their acquisition by Microsoft.  Notably, he led the top performing office in North America in 2015.

Ben Jackson, Director of Sales for Tigerpaw

“I expect Ben to take a systematic approach to his transformation efforts,” Vaslow says. “I believe he’ll effectively mix what works for us today with what has worked for him in past roles to maximize the effectiveness of every step in our sales process. He already has added one new team member and I look forward to seeing how he uses his network to bring additional rock-star team members to our sales team.”

In addition to building his team, Jackson says he is most excited about helping lead the go-to-market strategy for the company’s next generation product — a web application that already is in development.

“Tigerpaw is at an incredible inflection point. The organization already has a fantastic reputation in the industry, and with the recent reinvestment in building world-class products that create meaningful value, we have an amazing opportunity to grow rapidly,” he says. “I’m most excited about the process we are building to accomplish our vision.  It’s going to be a lot of fun to build the sales business to facilitate that growth.”

Jackson says he knew Tigerpaw was the right place for him because of the fun, tight-knit workplace culture.

“Culture for me was really important — a culture defined by a scalable technology platform matched with people who didn’t have ego,” he says. “People seemed to enjoy working together and, even more important, felt comfortable and safe to be themselves at work. I don’t believe in that old adage of separation of your personal life and business life. I want to love coming to work as much as I love going home each night. Living with integrity means I want to work for an organization that wants me to be fully myself. I feel that way here at Tigerpaw.”

He and his wife Kari have two children, Derek and McKenzie.

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