The inevitable happened in the Imaging Channel! When Staples purchased DEX Imaging, infrastructure to both the Imaging Channel and The Office Supply Products Channel fractured. This acquisition by Staples will most definitely cause changes to the current circumstances of two deliverables.

We already hear the cries from the dealers in the imaging channel of concerns regarding protected distribution, and of course, the office supply dealers were already having concerns regarding Staples acquisition of Essendant.

So, both these reseller groups, along with our friends in Managed IT Services, and Telephony services must react to end any complacency. The times ahead for all channel resellers are going to be somewhat stormy. Being able to navigate through these disruptive waters will take having open minds. It’s time to look in different places, and I assure you that the excitement of discovering the once unknown is incredible.

At ITEX in Las Vegas, we will open the doors to an understanding of what COULD BE based on what SHOULD BE. I am extremely honored to speak and conduct a panel session on the threats, the opportunities, and my vision on how resellers will change the game.

Staples bought DEX Imaging and they will indeed buy more print services distribution, along with IT Services distribution. It is coming, so only one’s stubbornness will allow these disruptions to completely rattle them. Manufacturers will have to make accommodations, regardless of any current denials. The dealers in the Imaging Channel will themselves have to reinvent the what and how of their print services deliverables. In these reinventions the office supply dealers, IT Service Providers, and the other resellers have great opportunities to deliver print equipment and its services in ways once thought unimaginable to most.

Join in our discussion and learn what is possible. Many independent resellers and dealers across the channels will come up with ways to destroy the status quo and will come out on the other side having won the game

Everything we discuss at ITEX will matter to your business! Navigating through competitive threats is never easy, however it is mandatory. I will see you all in Las Vegas, April 24th – 25th.

In closing:

“A company becomes obsolete when they focus on delivering the past to the future instead of delivering the future to the present.”

See you all in Vegas.
Ray Stasieczko
CEO/TEASRA, The Innovation Channel