When a hotel executive needs hospitality staffing for an event within 24-hour’s notice, LGC Hospitality provides an employee with the right experience and certifications to get the job done. LGC fills hospitality positions throughout the U.S. and processes paperwork for more than 50,000 applicants every year. The company issues W-2 forms for more than 24,000 temporary employees as well. LGC’s success hinges on the trust and solid relationships they build with their clients and employee candidates.

How has digitizing their onboarding and other HR processes with a cloud-based DocuWare solution improved LGC’s ability to provide highly skilled temporary employees when and where they’re needed?

According to Rachel Martin, VP of Operations, “Our onboarding procedure is considerably easier and quicker for both applicants and staff and the use of online web forms results in complete, accurate information. On a corporate level, we have access to all the documents from each of our 26 locations, smoothing our audit process and improving our efficiency.

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