Boise, ID (June 2018) – Compass Sales Solutions, the industry leader in sales opportunity software, is happy to announce we have taken steps to ensure that our customers have control over their personal data and that their information is being securely protected under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). In addition, Compass is also offering a new module with contact tracking fields available to make GDPR compliance easier for dealers as well.

The new GDPR module available in Compass Sherpa allows each contact to be tracked individually for their consent to store personal data and in what ways their personal data can be used. This feature provides a checkbox for “Consent to Store Data,” as well as the ability to create various Contact Market lists that can be selected for each contact. These Contact Market lists, defined by the Sherpa administrator, help clarify and track what type of communication and data use each contact has approved, such as email marketing about new products, service updates on existing machines, general marketing content, etc.

This is a free module available upon request. If you would like to learn more about this module and how it works in Sherpa, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

About Compass Sales Solutions:

Since 2001, Compass Sales Solutions has been the leading sales force automation provider for the office technology industry in 8 countries with over 13,00 users. Compass Sherpa provides a comprehensive suite that automates all aspects of the sales process and allows your sales professionals to utilize one tool to manage their sales goals completely. This includes prospect/client identification, Outlook integration, product configuration, proposal generation, MPS analysis and mapping, ERP integration, and mobile access via smartphones and tablets. Compass Sherpa will be the tool your team will want to use, not have to use.