UK-based Midshire Business Systems was acquired by Sharp Business Solutions.

Channelweb reported that Sharp Electronics Europe has purchased the nearly £30 million revenue company Midshire, one of the largest independent office technology resellers in the UK.

Based in four UK locations, Birmingham, Stockport, Sheffield and Cardiff, the office technology reseller will be operating as part of Sharp Business Systems UK (SBSUK) although a source told Channelweb that “nothing is changing for the foreseeable future”.

Phil Powell, Managing Director, Midshire Business Systems, told Channelweb: “We are keen to expand what we do as a business and this deal provides us with the support of an international manufacturer and with it the long term investment and expertise to benefit our clients.”

Stuart Sykes, Managing Director SBSUK, added in a statement to Channelweb: “This is a concrete statement of SBSUK’s ongoing commitment and ambitious plans for growth, as are the various initiatives and investments we are making with dealers through our indirect operation. If we are to reach our growth objectives, we need both the direct and indirect channels to grow significantly. Sharp remains wholly focused on making this happen in both channels as well as with our visual solutions and EPOS businesses.”