Fort Worth, TX—Wednesday, June 12, 2019 ECi Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced multi-location functionality for the NET1® Payment Processing Solution, an internet-based system that fully integrates with the Advantage®, DDMS®, DDMSPLUS®, e-automate®, M1®, Red Falcon®, RockSolid POS, RockSolid MAX, Spruce and  TeamDesign® software products. This new functionality will facilitate reporting on the payment transactions of all locations through a single point of access. It also provides the ability to determine data security for the entire business rather than per location. The ease and efficiency of this wholistic approach provides more security, an accurate picture of the business and saves considerable time.

“As businesses grow by acquisition, they understand the need of a payment processing program that allows them to manage and secure customer data as one entity,” said Brian Bowerfind, President, Distribution Division. “A company can streamline their reporting and security by using a fully integrated payment processing solution like NET1 throughout the entire organization rather than each location using a different payment system. The consolidation of payment transactions speaks for itself, but the reporting capabilities and increased security are not just beneficial but necessary in today’s business and security climate.”

Online processing is the most effective and economical way for businesses to process payments, and full integration with business management software ensures a seamless experience for users and customers alike. In addition, NET1 uses tokenization and end-to-end encryption providing a higher standard of payment and data security which protects a business’ transactional data and that of its customers.

To learn more about NET1 payment processing and merchant services, please visit the web page.

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