Processes That Your Human Resources Department Can Automate with Workflow Automation Software

The modern Human Resources department is a bustling environment that requires the coordination of multiple tasks that revolve around email, phone, video conference, and face-to-face meetings. Human Resources departments handle employee requests, employee onboarding and offboarding, performance reviews, hiring screenings, employee trainings, company policy updates, and much more. As this department continues to evolve with the influx of the millennial workforce, many companies are turning to workflow automation software, a valuable tool that can help automate as many workflows as possible.

Let’s take a look at some Human Resources processes that can be automated with the help of a reliable office solutions partner.

Employee requests

Depending on the size on the company, employee requests can be a major, time-consuming task for Human Resources. Workflow automation software can easily produce forms that help gather the proper information from employees that is then routed to the proper person within the department.

Employee onboarding and offboarding

Hiring and firing is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Human Resources—that’s because it’s a huge component of a Human Resources department that requires a lot of time and effort. Both onboarding and offboarding processes require the collection of information from employees through various stages of communication. Automated workflow software can help with online forms, email notifications to various departments (like IT or finance), and email notifications to the employees that need to submit information.

Performance reviews

Performance reviews often take place during various times of the year for different employees throughout multiple departments. Automated workflow software can help schedule notifications to remind managers and employees of their performance review dates. An online performance review process also makes it easier for managers to review and approve all results.

Employee screenings

The employee screening process often requires coordination with outside vendors for background checks and other services. Automating this process will help track the progress of tasks through notifications, approval forms, and information-capturing features that will keep processes organized and up-to-date.

Employee trainings

Automating this process will make sure all employees go through the proper training programs that are required for specific jobs. This trackable system sets up various modules that help with the scheduling and verification of all training programs.

Company policies

Human Resources departments are often required to review and update polices on a regular basis—an important component of every business. Automated workflow software will send out notifications when it’s time to review policies. Again, it will also help with the approval process for managers by using an online platform that makes it easy to review and approve.

Automating these various processes will improve the overall productivity of your Human Resources department. Communication among employees and potential future employees will be easier than ever when it comes to sharing and collecting pertinent information.

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