Having your company listed on page 1 of Google is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for business solution providers who want to generate leads online.

Since Google AdWords originated in 2000, the number of advertisers has grown from 350 to over 1 million, generating tens of billions of dollars each year and leads for Google clients, including office equipment dealers.

One advantageous aspect of Google AdWords is that your company’s website can be listed on page 1 of Google immediately based on the keywords typed by the end user ex: “copier providers”.  Google will charge you per clicks, so the trick is to monitor your ads/leads and make sure that these are “qualified” clicks.   Meaning, you don’t want someone typing “Copier Jobs” and have a technician click on your ad- unless, of course, your company is hiring.

Mariana Murphy, Digital Marketing Director of Evolved Office, is Google AdWords certified. Murphy explains “my clients experience increasingly better results with Google AdWords. In today’s businesses, Google AdWords is vital to having your ad listed at the top of a Google search.  Competition is fierce and sometimes it takes a while before our clients’ website reach page 1 of Google organically (SEO).”

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