All you need is great media and a high performance, light- industrial printer to make ordinary text and images come to life. Just ask Arthur Verwey, Sr. Marketing Manager at OKI Data Americas, who recently visited John McGuire, Director of Marketing for Camplitt Paper, to add printer output examples, produced by the best-in-class OKI C900 printers, to their Sponsor of the Month Wall.Clampitt Paper Company, with more than 20 locations in the Southwest, was founded in 1941 by Max Clampitt.  This business empire commenced when Max, his wife Mary-Nell, a single delivery vehicle and a passion for entrepreneurship came together at the right time and in the right place. When Max passed away in 2001, his youngest son, Don Clampitt, stepped into the President & CEO role and has since broadened the company’s audience with the opening of the Creative Center in 2004. In 2016, Clampitt Paper celebrated 75 years in the paper business and continues to grow and evolve each year maximizing the customer experience while making their employees proud.

Clampitt recommends OKI’s C900 line of professional printing devices to its customer base as a unique offering, as they deliver more than just CMYK printing.  The C900 integrates a fifth spot color for white or clear toner. “With OKI printers our customers can print unique, innovative artwork using white on colored media as well as print color on dark media using white under the color,” states McGuire.

Clampitt sources their media from over 40 paper mills and customers are able to take advantage of more than 3000 sample bins displayed in the Creative Center – to see and feel the actual paper stock before the job commences. To break through the direct mail clutter, progressive graphic artists are incorporating colored media and envelopes into their designs and count on OKI’s C941 and C942 to deliver high-impact output that sets their projects apart from the competition.