Lake Wales, FL — April 3, 2024 — Veteran manager and industry expert Ken, with a wealth of experience spanning the United States Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, and a successful career in the office equipment industry, announces the release of his groundbreaking book, “Copier Service Leadership Unleashed.” Launched on April 3, 2024, in paperback with eBook and hardbound versions to follow on April 5, this book is a first-of-its-kind resource tailored to service managers in the office equipment industry, though its principles apply broadly to all managerial roles.

Ken’s extensive background, including roles ranging from running his own company to overseeing district service management for manufacturers, informs the book’s unique perspective. “Copier Service Leadership Unleashed” is born out of a desire to support service managers who excel technically but find themselves navigating the complexities of managing people and systems without the necessary tools or training.

What Sets This Book Apart:

This book marks the first to provide comprehensive management guidance specifically for the office equipment industry, addressing the full spectrum of skills needed by service managers. Its content is not only relevant but essential for anyone stepping into a supervisory or managerial role, offering insights into leadership, employee empowerment, process optimization, and much more.

Key Benefits for Readers:

  • Practical strategies for developing effective leadership skills.
  • Guidance on empowering employees and optimizing service processes.
  • Insights into data-driven decision-making and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • An exclusive focus on the unique challenges and opportunities within the office equipment industry.

Pricing and Availability:

“Copier Service Leadership Unleashed” is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon. The eBook version will be free for the first two days following its release on April 5, then priced at $9.95. The paperback is available at $19.95, and the hardbound edition will be $49.95.

About the Author:

Ken’s distinguished career has provided him with insights into the spectrum of service management, from witnessing the highest standards of departmental management to identifying where and how training can significantly impact performance. His passion for leadership and management has driven him to share his experiences and knowledge, aiming to empower the next generation of service managers.

For more information about “Copier Service Leadership Unleashed,” to request a review copy, or to schedule an interview with Ken, please contact:


Ken Edmonds 336-653-3699 [email protected]

SOURCE Ken Edmonds