Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd. has consistently been a driving force for innovation in the realm of printing, always working to deliver exceptional products that provide superior performance. One such innovative product is the patented MTHE-W1160/106A toner cartridge series, designed to provide excellent printing performance. This product has gained considerable attention for its exceptional features and compliance with international standards.

Unparalleled Printing Performance

The MTHE-W1160/106A toner cartridge series showcases Mito’s commitment to providing superior printing performance. The cartridge is designed to ensure the highest quality output for all your printing needs. Whether a simple document or a complex graphic design, this toner cartridge delivers superior results every time. Mito has ensured that the cartridge works seamlessly with your printer, eliminating the risk of printing errors or quality issues.

Best-in-Class Toner for Deeper Blacks

A distinctive feature of the MTHE-W1160/106A series is the best-in-class toner. Mito has crafted a unique toner formula that ensures deeper blacks on paper, a feature that has always been challenging to achieve in the printing industry. This advancement brings new clarity and sharpness to printed documents, enhancing readability and aesthetic appeal. The exceptional toner quality also guarantees clear outputs, making it an ideal choice for printing high-resolution images and intricate designs.

Plenty of Virgin Empty Toner

Another notable attribute of the MTHE-W1160/106A series is the inclusion of plenty of virgin empty toner. This feature allows for a higher yield, meaning you can print more pages before replacing the cartridge. With this cartridge, you no longer have to worry about running out of toner while printing crucial documents. It delivers cost-effective printing solutions and significantly reduces waste, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Compliance with ISO-19752

Mito’s patented MTHE-W1160/106A toner cartridge series complies with ISO-19752, an international standard that specifies the method for testing and calculating the average yield of monochrome printer cartridges. Compliance with this standard ensures that consumers get reliable and accurate product performance information. It also ensures that the cartridge’s performance meets internationally accepted standards.


MTHE-W1160/106A Series by Mito

About Mito:

Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd., one of the biggest manufacturers of re-manufactured laser printing consumables, has been insisting on a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, manufacturing, and selling laser printing and copying consumables for 19 years. After being acquired by Hubei Ding Long Co., Ltd., Mito became the first listed Chinese company in the printing consumables industry. With the advantages of the Dinglong Group’s integrated supply chain of compatible printing consumables, Mito has more than 2,000 alternative models, popular in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.

Mito’s success comes from its premium product quality and solid production foundation. With the progress of technological innovation, Mito has shortened the production cycle and reduced material waste to decrease the dependence on labor using automatic production lines. In the meantime, auto equipment has significantly improved production efficiency and quality stability. Mito continuously provides premium quality products and satisfactory service to our customers by continuing to make efforts.

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