How can you make the most out of all of the great potential that comes along with cloud storage…while maintaining the strictest security standards concerning your business data?

Here’s a quick overview:

Optimizing Your Cloud – Cloud computing allows for continual collaboration across systems, making all of your business data available to your team regardless of physical location. At Modern Office Methods (MOM), we utilize Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. We’ve found that Sheets can be especially useful when planning client events and sharing the most up-to-date RSVP lists with our VPs of Sales and Account Managers. Other documents by department are also shared across the platform for easy retrieval from in the office, working from home, or while reps are out in the field.

Files stored in the cloud are automatically updated, or synced, across all devices, ensuring that the most recent version of your documents are available at all times. When it comes to data backup, cloud services simplify the process through automation. Also, cloud storage services should be scalable, so that you only pay for the storage space you use and can be expanded when you need more space.

Protect Your Data – If secured correctly, data can be better protected in the cloud than on the hardware containing sensitive business data in your office. Working with your IT partner or in-house staff to ensure that firewalls are updated and consistent security encryption policies are in place is key. Data should be encrypted both during transmission to the cloud and while “resting” in the cloud, guaranteeing that only authorized users can access, modify, or print your files.


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