RELYCO’s Synthetic Paper, Carbonless Paper and Pressure Seal Forms are Added to
Konica Minolta’s Approved Media Guide

Ramsey, N.J. – Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leader in industrial and commercial printing and packaging solutions, today announced the testing and approval of RELYCO®’s most popular digital substrates and media for use on AccurioPress C3080 and C3080P high-speed digital presses, as well as the AccurioPress 6100/6120/6136 digital presses. RELYCO’s REVLAR® synthetic paper, REIMAGE® carbonless laser paper and ULTRASEAL® pressure seal forms have all now been added to Konica Minolta’s Approved Media Guide.

“When choosing substrate solutions for their specific applications, our customers need assurances that our partners’ products will perform as expected on our AccurioPress Digital Presses,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning, Konica Minolta. “We put these products through a series of rigorous tests to ensure reliability and consistent image quality so our customers are confident we are providing paper products that perform to their high standards.”

RELYCO products now approved include:

  • REVLAR Premium Synthetic Paper– RELYCO’s best synthetic paper. Waterproof, tear-proof, washable, fade-resistant and recyclable – no need to laminate. The brightest white and most opaque paper with a deluxe coating. Available in different colors, perforated die-cuts and finishes.
  • REVLAR Premium Colors– Vibrant and pastel colors on our best synthetic paper. Waterproof, tear-proof, washable, fade-resistant and recyclable.
  • REVLAR Select Synthetic Paper– RELYCO’s better synthetic paper. Waterproof, tear-proof, washable, fade-resistant and recyclable, but with cost-saving possibilities.
  • REVLAR Soft Synthetic Paper– RELYCO’smost cost-effective synthetic paper. Pliable material, soft and silky to the touch, but still waterproof, tear-proof, washable, fade-resistant and recyclable.
  • REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper– A cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution that enables users to create and print multi-part business forms, invoices, purchase orders, delivery forms, contracts, receipts or extra copies of any business form.
  • ULTRASEAL Forms– Self-sealing pressure-seal direct mail forms and checks that eliminate the need for envelopes.

“Obviously, we are pleased to have earned this approval from Konica Minolta,” stated Bruce Steinberg, CEO of RELYCO. “Having our substrates tested and approved by their internal team is a great validation for Konica Minolta customers that our products will work flawlessly for their applications. These newly approved products can help press owners optimize the use of their AccurioPress digital press by providing substrate options that extend its applicability and productivity.”

Konica Minolta’s Formalized Substrate Testing Process and Media Guide

Several factors, including increasingly higher production speeds, have necessitated closer inspection of substrates to assess their suitability for Konica Minolta AccurioPress digital presses. Papers must be well manufactured, run consistently and generally meet the demands of the press from pick-up and registration through to toner transfer, fusing and exiting the press for post-processing steps. Konica Minolta’s approval process includes testing on feed, fusing, jamming, registration, slipping, curling and scratching. Approved substrates are added to the new Media Guide, created for commercial printers as a trusted resource for a wide variety of substrates.

RELYCO Product Samples and Availability

To request samples of RELYCO products, visit RELYCO’S sample request page and register for the specific samples you would like to try. All of RELYCO’s substrates approved by Konica Minolta are available today. For pricing and more information, contact RELYCO by phone: 1-800-777-7359, email: [email protected], or visit:


RELYCO is a premier supplier of unique and innovative paper products that are designed for laser and inkjet printers. We provide synthetic paper, labels, metallic paper, pressure seal forms, specialty packaging, business forms, checks, carbonless paper and payment solutions. Our products are great for thousands of uses, which enable our customers to get the most value out of their printer investment. All backed by our dedicated employees who aim to always be “wildly reliable” in service to our clients.

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