The winners for 2017–2018, based on research conducted for the North American market in mid-2017, are:

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018

“Organizations of all types understand the importance of data security and the privacy of sensitive information, but a weak link in the security chain is often a company’s networked MFP and printer devices,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Software Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. “Fortunately, manufacturers of office document technology have hardened and improved their hardware, software solutions, and services to mitigate security gaps.”

To determine which OEMs lead the market, analysts at Keypoint Intelligence conducted a first-of-its-kind, in-depth evaluation of the security ecosystems of 13 document imaging OEMs. The granular study drilled down into 140 points of potential differentiation spread across eight categories: Device Authentication, Function Control/Job Protection, Hard Drive Security, Firmware/App Integrity, Network Security, Device Security Certifications, Fleet Management Security Solutions, and other document security offerings related to but external from the devices themselves.

Canon Boasts Strong Data Loss Prevention Solutions 
In the study, Canon stood out from the industry with their device certifications and device fleet management security solutions, areas which proved to be somewhat challenging for the industry as a whole. Canon also demonstrated that a high degree of security was available across a variety of its device series. When it comes to security for authentication, user tracking, and reporting, Canon markets uniFLOW as a core solution for businesses of all sizes. Uniquely, uniFLOW’s available Secure Audit Manager Express data-loss prevention module can detect keywords in a document and prevent the copying or distribution of it to proactively protect an organization’s intellectual property.

HP Brings PC/Server Security Concepts to Output Devices 
In the study, HP proved itself a leader in a number of areas. One key differentiator is its FutureSmart bundle, composed of Sure Start BIOS integrity-checking detection and automatic remediation, firmware whitelisting, and run-time intrusion detection features. HP has also enhanced its security-related services portfolio with new professional services around the “Secure MPS” offering and followed with the launch of a comprehensive set of professional and fully managed, multi-vendor security services. Also of note is the unique HP JetAdvantage Security Manager solution, which centralizes and automates the process of bringing and keeping devices in compliance with an organization’s preferred security policies.

Konica Minolta Scores Best in Device Authentication 
Konica Minolta landed in the top tier in the majority of the categories evaluated and received the highest score of any vendor in Device Authentication. The company’s devices also scored very well in hard drive security, function control, job protection, and device security protocols, as well as in having the entire system certified, as opposed to only one component or option. In addition to its document technology portfolio, Konica Minolta (through its All Covered subsidiary) can also provide managed security services for the entire network and all connected devices.

Lexmark’s Fleet Management Solution Focuses on Security 
Lexmark stood out in the study in key hardware areas such as device authentication and hard drive security. It also scored very well in firmware and app integrity, an area that proved to be a challenge for the industry as a whole. On the software front, Lexmark’s Markvision Enterprise device management software also earned high marks when it comes to security: The solution continuously checks devices on the network and can automatically remedy any security settings that are out of conformance.

Xerox Leads in Device Certifications 
Xerox received the highest score of any vendor when it came to device certifications. Xerox’s policy is to have their entire multifunction system evaluated—not just individual features or a security kit. Xerox has been a leader in ISO 15408 Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation and claims to have the most devices evaluated by this standard. Xerox also scored the highest of any of the major A3-centric manufacturers in the device firmware and application integrity category. The features and functionalities provided through their partnership with McAfee was a boost in this area.

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