02/27/2019 – Keypoint Intelligence has announced a new data product aimed at the dealer channel: Market Analytics Tool (MAT). MAT is a data visualization tool that gives users access to print volume, establishment and install base information by state, county, zip code and vertical markets. MAT is the latest addition to the suite of Keypoint Intelligence’s data platform products and services including Vertical Market Segmentation (VMS), Channel Mapping and Vertical Market Business Opportunities (VMBO).

MAT is a competitively priced, scalable product, allowing dealers of all business sizes to purchase whatever states they want and add data for up to 28 different vertical markets.

“At Keypoint Intelligence, we’re very excited about MAT and how it can help dealers grow their businesses,” said Randy Dazo, Group Director of Office Technology Services. “Users can break down and filter information to a very fine level. Being able to see firsthand what the print industry landscape in their area looks like will help dealers with sales territory planning, business expansion, and targeting vertical markets for the greatest chance at success.”

If you are interested in learning more information on MAT, visit www.keypointintelligence.com/mat.

About Keypoint Intelligence

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