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Print Audit Releases 2015-2016 Comparative Industry Printing Statistics

Calgary, Alberta –  Print Audit® has released 2 powerful Insight BI dashboards that compare user, document and industry vertical print data for 2015 and 2016.  The dashboards were compiled by gathering user-based data sets from end-user assessments for the periods. The office equipment industry is undergoing dramatic changes and the Insight BI dashboards give deep insight into how print behavior is changing.  As dealers look for ways to grow their businesses in [...]

Successful Dealers Leverage their CRM to Upsell

By: Dominic Pontrelli, Pontrelli Marketing  We are inundated by phrases such as:, ‘leverage your customer relationships’, ‘mine your customer base’, ‘increase customer wallet share’, and ‘100% sold’. We know that these terms refer to upselling an existing customer base, yet we have a difficult time putting these concepts into practice.  We face barriers such as, ‘brand is positioned as a copier provider’, ‘customers do not know our other offerings’, ‘website [...]

Hidden Treasure in Your MPS Map

Written by: Bryce Patrick Outsourcing your MPS operational risk to uncover additional profits Imagine as you plot your course on your new Managed Services map, that you were to come across a point in the map that promised increased cost visibility, which in turn promises new paths to larger margins of profit.  Would you reroute your current path? If so, keep reading. Comparisons between the MPS and insurance industries are [...]

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