The highest incidence of inkjet technology in both regions is seen in the smallest companies as well as those that purchased online. The smallest of SMBs (1-49 employees) are most likely to buy supplies online. There is a correlation between the incidence of A3 and increasing number of employees. Purchasing print equipment with a contract (contractual sale) continues to be highest for A3 devices, but is on the rise for A4 devices as well as inkjet thanks to the wider availability of supplies replenishment programs. Buying print equipment without a contract (i.e., transactional sale) now only accounts for 22% of A3 sales in the U.S. and 26% in Western Europe to these SMBs.

The adoption of print solutions remains low in SMBs in both regions, although solutions around scanning and data capture are clearly on the rise. SMBs in financial services currently have the highest level of scanning as a percentage of total multifunctional peripheral (MFP) usage. Most of that scanning is in relatively simple scan processes; however, there are currently very little scan-to-workflow or cloud services. The range of vendors available for software implementation is very diverse and office equipment providers must be aware of the potential for extended competition.

SMBs provide the largest opportunity in both America and Europe to sell office equipment, yet the user group is behind Enterprises in the digital transformation path. The good news is that Vendors can learn from adoption processes for Enterprises and adapt these for SMBs. All service providers need to make sure their offering is adjusted for the SMB market with a specific look at the cost level. Even the smallest of companies will be looking to transfer to a contractual mode in the future and competition is heating up. For those vendors that rely on the office equipment dealer channel to serve the SMB market, it is time to bring that channel up to speed in delivering appropriate solutions and services.

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