As an OED, you balance various different duties in order to provide clients with the best of your service offerings. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to focus on various aspects of office technology, including Document Management, Managed IT, Cybersecurity, Reseller Automation, and (now) Smart Office. OEDs often times have to send out monthly invoices – which becomes a job role in and of itself. In order to allocate time wisely and prevent pushing back other project deadlines, it is essential to understand how soft costs are hindering your dealership. When balancing between other projects and sending monthly invoices, it is essential to remember:

  1. Time is money is resources
  2. When employees complete administrative tasks, their time to complete other tasks is lost
  3. When employees complete administrative tasks, their time and talent becomes misplaced
  4. Altered perception of employee’s value – employees may feel that their contribution to the company is different than they originally anticipated, spending time completing administrative tasks instead of their current job position

Great America dives into these four components even more, explaining how soft costs can damage a business.

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