A smart thermostat is an innovative and valuable upgrade for a home HVAC system. Conventional thermostats are pretty basic: they keep your house at whatever temperature you set, and it pretty much stays there forever. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, can do much more: they evaluate the temperature and humidity outside and inside your home, and they learn (or can be programmed to follow) your routine, lowering your energy bill by reducing use when no one’s home. A smart thermostat can also be controlled via smartphone app and can tie into home automation systems. Further reductions to your energy bill might be possible if you switch to Entrust Energy.

While the smart thermostat is widely marketed as a device for the home, it can benefit your business, as well. Here are 4 ways smart thermostats can benefit your business, transforming your work environment to a Smart Office.

Save During Business Hours

Of course you want your heat or AC running hot or cold enough during business hours so your staff and customers are comfortable, and a smart thermostat will do that-no problem. But if your business or office is suddenly empty during the day (say, for an off-site meeting) your smart thermostat will recognize this and ease up on the heating and cooling, saving you money.

Save After Hours

Your smart thermostat will learn to switch to an economy mode after hours, too. There’s no need to keep your office building ice cold or toasty warm when no one’s working, and a smart thermostat can make these adjustments intuitively.

Reduce Costs by Locking Your Thermostat

Every office has that one person that’s perpetually hot or cold. (Some offices have both, and they fight!) A smart thermostat can be locked from within its app so that passersby can’t change the settings. Or, you can set an allowable range of manual adjustment. The great thing is that even when locked, your smart thermostat isn’t stuck on one static temperature. It can still run its regular routine, adjusting temperatures as needed throughout the day and year.

Keep Tabs on Energy Costs from Anywhere

Using your smart thermostat’s app, you can monitor temperature and energy expenditure/savings from your office, your car, or even your vacation. If something goes amiss, you can change it right from your smartphone.

A smart thermostat allows you to automate your heating and cooling, and at the same time it gives you complete control from anywhere. Turning to this Smart Office features saves your business money and hassle.