I enjoy manufacturer training and certification classes. At times they can be somewhat boring but when it comes to security, attention level is on high!

I promised a “part two” when returning from HP Security Certification and here it is.

Can we just admit that we ALL get complacent when it comes to security? That’s right we all do!

Do you realize that now hackers are “juice jacking” charging kiosks at airports, coffee shops, malls, and other locations? That’s right, as you charge your precious iPhone or high dollar Android device it is (or can be) easily hacked through the USB port you just plugged into. Malware can be introduced to your system or the perp can download your personal information, passwords, and more! The easiest way to combat this is to make sure you use the electrical plug that comes with your USB cord and not just plug into the USB hub alone. Phone tip for the day!

Now, back to office technology. As hackers get more advanced, we need to stay one step ahead. But how? First, partner with a trusted local vendor that can assist or at the very least direct you to the best and most secure solution for your office. HP, for example, now offers a wide range of products that not only produce excellent quality documents but keep you safe while doing it.

There are numerous examples and ways that the bad guys can access your device or network through an open port or ‘hole’ in your security.

“But I have a great firewall, nothing gets into our fortress!” I am sure you do, but a firewall only protects from outside attacks. If the malware is introduced through an email or link to a printer code stream ‘inside’ your network, the firewall is out of play!

So, here are THREE more tips that can help you and your network devices be more secure:

  1. Turn OFF unused services on your devices like SMB, SMTP, and AppleTalk.
  2. If your device is 5 years old or older, consider upgrading to new technology now.
  3. Make sure you are running the latest version of firmware on your device. Your service provider should be handling this for you and updating as new versions arrive. We are constantly amazed at how many fleets ignore this!
  4. *BONUS: STOP using the free USB drives that every trade show vendor hands-out like candy. Guess where they are made…yep, China, Russia, other countries with little or no security control. Are you sure they contain no malicious content? I’m not! Use reputable brand-name drives and format them before using or at least make sure no hidden files are on the drive (with an off-line laptop) BEFORE inserting it into a computer on the network!

Hopefully these additional tips will at the very least make you more aware of security and make your network more secure in the future. If you have questions just shoot me an email and I will send you my security course on a free, colorful USB flash drive…trust me!