As in my past articles we all realize the office environment as we know it is evolving and becoming more technical each year.  The rate at which technology now advances can be mind boggling!  How do we possibly keep ahead of those that wish to exploit our technology whether at home or at the office?

Maintaining a vigilant watch over all your technology either personal or commercial takes a concerted effort and a consistent plan of protection.  I thought a summary would be in order.  This plan can/should include following…

  • Controlling access with multi-factor authorization. More and more companies and individuals are moving to this more secure process.  You can only “log-in” if another device in your possession confirms your initial log-in procedure.
  • Unique administrative passwords. At least 10 characters, numbers, case sensitive…you get the idea!
  • Encrypting your data when at “rest” or when being “transferred”. We tend to get rather sloppy when dealing with our data at coffee shops or on public transportation.
  • How about utilizing anti-malware software down to the BIOS level. Meaning the core processor/operating system of any device should be protected and able to “fight off” any invading malware.  HP now uses “self-healing BIOS which immediately detects any malicious code and automatically reboots the system with a “golden” copy of the BIOS to insure a clean operating system…so the technology is out there.
  • Checking on and maintaining device setup. Be a part of each step of the installation procedure so you know that unused services are “off”, passwords are unique and not default, and monitor your devices at least quarterly or use a software monitoring tool like HP JetAdvantage Security Manager.

Many companies are also choosing to have a “security assessment” performed to insure the weak areas of their network and overall technology layout is as secure as possible.  It can be a small investment to protect all that is so valuable in your business.

Remember in the IOT (Internet of Things) everything is becoming connected.  Whether it is the fridge in the breakroom, the Bluetooth speaker on your desk, or the USB Flashdrive you just picked up at the trade show, they can all provide portals or entry points into your network.  Security in and around the office is officially everyone’s new job set and one that needs to be addressed consistently.

Good luck and stay safe in cyberworld!