New reporting software enhances Evolved Office’s client relationships and helps them understand each marketing strategy being used in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and social media digital marketing campaigns.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL [October 16, 2018] – Evolved Office (EO), the #1 marketing platform and agency for Business Solutions Providers (BSPs) and office equipment dealers, today announced its implementation of new Digital Marketing Reporting Software for its clients.

This new reporting software implementation allows clients to log in to their own customized reporting dashboards and view “real time” summaries of their SEO and Google Ad campaigns. These dashboards include every aspect of a dealer’s Google Ads, SEO, and Social Media campaign, allowing a dealer to better understand where their traffic is coming from and what each campaign is generating in ROI.

These statistics include everything from SEO data—such as changes in Google ranking, keyword competition, and an entire scan of a client’s website to find issues that could impact their ability to be found on search engines—to PPC data, such as the amount of clicks and conversions that a paid advertisement has accumulated over a set period of time.

Mariana Murphy, Director of Digital Marketing at Evolved Office, illustrates the relevance of the software implementation, stating, “This software is a major step up when it comes to digital marketing reporting methods. Some clients may not be well-versed in marketing terms and strategies. Not only does this reporting software give clients the ability to see each piece of our marketing plan, but we’ve also included summaries of the importance of each strategy and how it will help them reach their goals—brand awareness, Google rank increase, etc.”

Roger Jung, VP of Sales at Evolved Office, adds, “This platform is a great tool for dealers to understand where their ROI is coming from. More importantly, it provides 100% transparency to our clients so they know the tasks we are doing each month and how their digital marketing presence is improving. Most agencies ‘hide behind stats’ and only display positive gain to their customers, while we value transparency.”

The ability for clients to understand EO’s digital marketing efforts is the most vital factor of this new software implementation. Murphy adds, “We’ve also created automated monthly reports to be sent out to our clients. It’s a real game changer! Our clients can view each aspect of their personalized reports and the data behind them at any time with no filters or barriers!”

Evolved Office’s reporting software can be integrated with many marketing and social media channels to track the performance of each outlet in one dashboard. The software integrates with Google Ads, Facebook Ads—which also includes Instagram, MailChimp, and CallRail—and all major social media platforms.

This reporting software is accessible to all of Evolved Office’s digital marketing clients.



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