[FT. LAUDERDALE, FL]  Evolved Office unveiled template emails (“rep templates”) designed to be used by office technology sales representatives today as the latest component of its marketing platform. Emails are sent from individual sales reps’ accounts through EO’s platform to their curated client list and are personalized with the sales rep’s name, photo, contact information, and the company logo to produce higher email open and click-through rates.

These template-based marketing emails allow sales representatives to send unlimited email blasts containing variable data to their own client lists. They are designed to automate client outreach by individual sales reps while providing control of the message to dealer principals.

Roger Jung, VP of Sales at Evolved Office, explains, “As Evolved Office integrated our platform with other CRMs—like Compass and Salesforce—we received requests from sales managers for a way to empower reps to generate leads through branded email blasts. However, there was some concern from dealer principals about the content being sent out by reps on behalf of the company.”

To empower reps, numerous templates with pre-loaded content and built-in variable data fields are available and new templates are added each month. Email subject matter selections vary to meet the needs of reps across the office imaging and IT VAR industries, including topics ranging from Managed Print Services (MPS) and Managed IT to Lunch and Learn invitations and assessment requests. This variety is designed to increase the ease of client communication, driving leads and increasing sales.

To ensure manager control of a company’s branding and strategic initiatives, certain precautionary measures are built-in. Evolved Office’s marketing platform allows managers to monitor representatives’ use of these templates, control account access and editing ability, and ensure that contact lists remain confidential. Across-the-board editing limits can be enabled, or managers can give more latitude to senior sales reps than new hires.

Jung further states, “Email continues to be the most cost effective form of marketing, and we designed this new feature of our platform to address dealers’ needs and concerns. Sales managers control the message and company branding, while emails are sent by reps with their personalized contact information and headshots. We provide dealers with the flexibility they need to confidently adjust to today’s verified marketing tactics while enabling reps to proactively reach out to their clients.”

Rep templates are available for a nominal fee based on the number of licenses issued. All reps receive individual log-in credentials, while sales managers can review all activities and maintain access to each rep’s account.

ABOUT EVOLVED OFFICE: Evolved Office is a full-service marketing agency providing office technology dealers with turnkey and customizable marketing solutions including: newsletters, videos, email templates, postcards, brochures, and complete marketing campaigns—all custom-branded with your logo and company information. Our software allows you to easily edit templates, email them, and track results. Evolved Office also offers social media services, SEO, PPC, website design, and more. www.evolvedoffice.com