Your dealership is wisely taking advantage of a marketing automation platform, an invaluable tool that enables you to automate your marketing strategy and initiatives for optimal effectiveness. Odds are, you’re also utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) software to better manage lead generation and customer information. However, if you are employing both of these resources, are you maximizing your return on investment in both by integrating the two? By syncing these two seemingly disparate systems, you’ll increase the success of your dealership’s marketing campaigns and, ultimately, increase sales. Here’s how.

Maintain Current Contact Lists  

When your CRM is integrated with your email marketing platform, you will always market with up-to-date client information. New subscribers and leads will be readily available for inclusion in your campaigns, and each contact’s email address will always be current. You’ll no longer have to take the time to export this data from your CRM manually and upload it to your email marketing platform. By syncing these two applications, your contact database is automatically updated for you.

Target Campaigns with Enhanced Behavior Insights

By integrating these two applications, you’ll gain access to powerful insights that will enable you to target your marketing campaigns. Tying your email marketing directly to your CRM through integration provides you with a deeper understanding of your contacts’ needs, interests, and pain points. This insight allows you to provide them with relevant marketing messages that address what really matters to them, rather than the shotgun approach and hoping something sticks. This focused approach will result in more engagement with your marketing. Moreover, immediate tracking of results will be synched directly back to your CRM for easy rep follow-up on hot leads.

Prioritize Leads

Speaking of leads, integrating your CRM with your email marketing platform ensures all leads are identified immediately, and real-time notifications of interested contacts are sent to your sales reps. Through your email marketing platform’s lead scoring system, point values are assigned and recorded to specific engagement with your marketing, such as opens, clicks, and downloads. The more points a contact accrues, the more interested they are in your services (and the more likely they are to make a purchase). By syncing the points assigned in your email marketing platform to your CRM, your sales teams will have instant access to leads and can follow-up accordingly.

Shorten the Sales Process

From prospecting to purchase, the sales cycle can take months to complete in the office equipment and managed services industry. When your sales team and marketing efforts are disjointed, the sales process can drag out even longer due to lags in communication and the sheer volume of contacts your reps manage daily. Integrating your email marketing platform and its lead scoring system with your CRM ensures immediate lead notifications. It provides your reps with a prioritized list of interested contacts to reach out to, uniting sales and marketing and shortening the sales process.

By ditching the manual processes required to link sales and marketing, your dealership can reap the benefits of integration by automating processes. Specifically, integrating your dealership’s CRM system with your email marketing platform can make a significant, positive impact on the effectiveness of your sales team and your bottom line. Other dealers are taking advantage of this modern marketing tactic. Are you?

Evolved Office is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a lead-scoring marketing automation platform designed for dealers that integrates with Salesforce, AgentDealer, and Compass CRMs. Contact Evolved Office to learn more about these integrations or schedule a demo.