Toner cartridges are commodities. You can buy them almost anywhere. The web has thousands of sites selling exactly what you sell. If everyone has e-commerce how do you keep your best customers loyal and ordering from you?
You need to offer something different, especially to your B2B customers that order the most. If you treat your customers like VIP they will reward you with their business.

How do you do that?

With EasyOrder Pro Marketing. EasyOrder is a proven way of marketing your toner reselling business to your existing and potential customers. With over 12 years in the industry our system has stood the test of time and resellers all over the world use EasyOrder to grow their business.
It all starts with the customer. Using our database EasyOrder allows you to quickly build custom order forms for each customer that only has the printers and cartridges the customer uses at their location.

Then we connect directly to the customer by placing a “branded to your business” desktop icon right on their computer. No website addresses, usernames, or passwords to remember just instant access to their custom order form.
Each customer can have different pricing depending on their volume. You don’t have to live and die by the prices you show on your website. In fact, you don’t have to maintain an expensive time consuming website at all. EasyOrder works with your existing website, even if you already use e-commerce.

Our latest product Pro Marketing, launched last year, gives your potential customer the ability to get a quote from you and instantly order directly from the quote. They click “BUY NOW” from a .pdf and the quote is transformed into an active online order form, closing quotes at a 30% higher rate than traditional paper quotes.

EasyOrder is more than just a way to take orders online. It keeps your best customers loyal, gives you a way to prospect and close more deals with new customers, and a proven way to sell more ink and toner. It’s like VIP for your B2B.