New Windsor NY, March 19, 2018 – DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, unveiled its new logo and corporate identity that realigns the company’s visual brand to its modern, cloud-first approach. Capping years of impressive growth, the logo and identity establish a fresh iconic brand to drive the company’s ambitious future.

Emphasizing its core promise of helping organizations set a new pace for business through cloud-delivered document management and workflow automation, DocuWare’s new visual brand will replace an identity that has served the company well for many years.

The core driver of the brand evolution was the company’s highly successful shift into cloud-delivered, zero-compromise content services for organizations embracing digital transformation.

“DocuWare’s technology has evolved significantly over the years, delivering cutting-edge products to customers in 70 countries,” said Jürgen Biffar, President and one of the company founders. “Digital transformation is changing how the world works with information. Workflow automation has become as indispensable as document management. Traditional on-premises software is being replaced by affordable, scalable cloud software. Mobile is everywhere. It is absolutely critical that our identity reflects our solutions for this digital, connected world.”

The new brand introduces a core icon that captures concepts of digitalization, forward movement, and process simplification. It is decidedly digital. The blue is vibrant on screen, and the shape of the icon is durable across a range of pixel sizes and print environments. It is the rallying point for the rest of the identity.

The surrounding visual brand adheres to the same aesthetic principles. The company’s colors have deepened in tone and vibrancy, the typography offers innovative ways to express messages, and the introduction of new geometric patterns provides depth to the company’s communications.

The new logo and visual identity were heralded as game-changing by DocuWare Vice President of Marketing Kevin Potts.

“Strong communication is critical to how DocuWare does business,” Kevin Potts, Vice President Corporate Marketing, expressed. “Customers, partners, the media and our employees need DocuWare to have a strong voice and clear market position. This new identity provides a compelling and modern framework for all of that communication – and more. I am very excited.”

The logo and surrounding identity were designed by San Diego-based agency LESS+MORE. Their team brought fresh, global experience from consumer and business brands to help shape DocuWare’s new look and help execute key brand assets.

With 18,000 customers, more than 500,000 users and years of double-digit growth in the cloud, DocuWare has proven itself time and again to be the best choice for document management and workflow automation. This new identity, rolling out globally immediately, cements that position and reinforces DocuWare as a leading innovator in content services.

About DocuWare

DocuWare office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. DocuWare’s zero-compromise cloud services are a recognized best-fit for digitizing, automating and transforming key processes. DocuWare operates in 70 countries with headquarters in Germany and the U.S.

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