Two Lexus dealerships transform their file rooms into luxury cafes and boutiques after cutting down on paper storage with digitized processes

Digitizing deal jackets, repair orders and other business documents enabled two major Lexus dealerships to eliminate storage for paper files. As a result, the dealerships reconfigured former file rooms into a complimentary coffee bar and a luxury boutique. These welcoming spaces improve the customer experience creating a key differentiator, for both the sales and service departments, in an increasingly competitive climate.

With DocuWare document management and process automation software, the staff has immediate access to customer data as well as HR and accounting information. DocuWare integrates with their dealership management system so that all records are consolidated into one non-proprietary database.

As Doug Miller, CEO of Higher State Technology, the managed IT provider for the Lexus dealerships explains:

“Customer service is the number one focus at both Lexus locations and is a high value target for the dealership. We’ve reduced human error through digitization and electronic workflow and have found that any improvement in efficiency and accuracy ripples out and positively impacts customer service.”

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