Visualizing Clear Processes is the Key to Seeing New Efficiency Opportunities for Businesses

New Windsor NY, Oct 17, 2019 – DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, releases Process Planner, a stand-alone, web-based process diagramming tool that is available for free for anyone.

Process Planner is a 100% free tool requiring no prior knowledge about workflow standards or notations and no prior experience with other diagramming solutions – a considerable differentiator from other products in the marketplace. Process Planner is particularly valuable for small and mid-sized businesses that do not have the staff, time or financial resources for complex diagramming tools designed for enterprise power-users.

Offering easy-to-use, drag-and-drop diagramming capabilities, Process Planner accurately maps any process from any part of a business. These visual flowcharts can be created by just one user, or with seamless contribution and collaboration from multiple people simultaneously. Process diagrams can also be shared and exported. Users do not need experience with other DocuWare products.

As DocuWare has learned from thousands of successful deployments of their document management and workflow automation software, using clear diagrams to explain the flow of information is the first step to understanding and improving any core process.

“There is no barrier or learning curve,” states Dr. Michael Berger, President of DocuWare. “Following extensive research and testing, we have designed one of the easiest, free tools for creating diagrams of business processes. Anyone can just start using it in less than a minute.”

Central to all DocuWare products is the intuitive, highly usable tools that enable information sharing and process transparency across all business units. DocuWare’s Process Planner remains true to the company’s mission of improving the experience of workers no matter their level of technical expertise.

Process Planner

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