Before DocuWare, the company printed and processed all their invoices on paper, even though 90% of them were received digitally. They also struggled to provide digital invoices in a timely manner when requested by customers. With DocuWare now in place, every invoice can be reviewed digitally, either from the office base or remotely and then moves through the workflow process  accurately and efficiently.

DocuWare Cloud was chosen because it is mobile-ready and easy to implement and maintain.

Here are the benefits they saw from using DocuWare:

  • Improved the accuracy of cost accounting procedures by 90%
  • Sped up invoice turnaround time and improved cash flow
  • Eliminated 20 man-hours a month spent on tracking payable invoices out for approval
  • Enabled employees in the field to approve invoices on their mobile devices to keep the accounting process flowing smoothly
  • Enhanced customer service by being able to quickly locate and send digital invoices to clients upon request
  • Reduced receivable invoice turnaround time by 2-3 days each month


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