Drayage, cross-docking and transloading are a few of the services GSC Logistics supplies to importers and exporters throughout California. These industry-specific terms just hint at the complexity of the record-keeping that ensures the 200 owner-operators who drive trucks for GSC are road worthy.

GSC archives daily driving logs and vehicle maintenance records as well as each driver’s license, DMV records and proof of insurance. Mix in the regulatory requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the amount of critical documentation to be tracked only multiplies.

DocuWare document management and process automation software “talks” to GSC’s roster management application and its workflow module sends texts and email alerts to notify drivers of upcoming renewal dates for their documentation. All drivers have to do is take a photo of the updated documentation and text or email it to GSC.

Automated workflow is the new, and much improved, normal, according to Justin Taylor, Compliance Manager at GSC Logistics:

“When we invested in DocuWare, we were for the first time able to keep up and be in complete compliance with FMCSA documentation requirements. DocuWare is helping us circumvent a huge liability. … Now that DocuWare is in place and our workflows are running, I can’t imagine managing our business without this solution.”

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