Culinaire International manages the food service and catering operations at high-end event venues, hotels, museum cafés, and restaurants at art centers and theaters from 30 remote locations across the U.S. as well as offering consulting services. The company is committed to using local farms and resources, reducing their carbon footprint and recycling, reusing and re-purposing.

Their paper-based accounting process didn’t reflect these core values. Each remote location sent in a weekly FedEx package with copies of accounts receivable and accounts payable documents to a central office for processing. The company implemented DocuWare Cloud to modernize and streamline the process.

Today, remote employees log into Culinaire’s accounting portal and input daily sales revenue. Back up documents are scanned in using preprogrammed options that route the documents automatically, so that the remote employee can quickly move on to other tasks. A DocuWare Desktop App works in the background to import the documents into DocuWare with all the fields already indexed. The corporate office then reviews the information and posts it to the accounting system.

Highly-skilled managers, not number crunchers

Going with DocuWare Cloud had immediate benefits. Operations managers at each Culinaire location are expert at dealing with kitchen issues, vendors, staff and customers. They partner with the organizations they work with to understand their culture, standards and procedures. With DocuWare, they don’t have to be accounting experts too.

“DocuWare alleviated my concern of putting an added burden on these managers. This solution is simple, scanning is fast and easy and that helped our associates embrace the new process more quickly,” Accounting Manager Emilia O’Brien explained.

Culinaire also rolled out an onboarding process using DocuWare Forms in order to simplify the process for new hires and archive personnel files in DocuWare.

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