There is no bigger turn-off for customers than poor service. According to RightNow Technologies, up to 89% of customers are willing to switch to a competitor based on a poor experience.

J.D. Power says 40% of all customers contact their security provider at some point with a question, problem or request.

So what is a customer looking for when it comes to service? Easy, they want you to:

  • Always respond quickly
  • Follow up regularly
  • Whenever possible, offer additional value in service packages
  • Understand their expectations and strive to exceed them

In order to provide your customers with exceptional service, you need exceptional tools.

ConnectWise gives you the ability to efficiently connect, track and respond to your customers in a multitude of ways, allowing you keep your focus on projects and installations ahead.

You can ticket everything — emails, phone calls, live chats — for easy tracking, as well as have the ability to chat instantly with inquiring customers.

For businesses that have service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers, ConnectWise can set thresholds for resolution times and automatically monitor every ticket against SLA expectations to exceed contract performance levels.

SLAs are a great way to set up a clear, mutually understood vision of the services you offer.

Inefficient dispatching of technicians is a thing of the past when you use ConnectWise to match customer issues with technician availability and skillset.

A business cannot succeed without top-notch customer service. ConnectWise takes what was once a daunting task and streamlines it to help you deepen customer relationships.