Boise, Idaho, [January 2018] – Compass Sales Solutions, an industry leader in sales opportunity software, is excited to release the new Sherpa API (Application Program Interface). The Sherpa API allows current U.S. users to integrate Sherpa accounts, contacts, activities, and opportunities areas with third-party tools.

Let multi-system automation streamline your workflow and reduce data entry time and errors! The Sherpa API provides the ability to pull data, push data, search, or edit entries in Sherpa accounts, contacts, activities, and opportunities. Using a REST API with OAuth2 authentication, the API allows a secure connection for building your own integrations and making the most of your Sherpa data.

Utilizing the API will require customers to be on Sherpa version 4.0 or higher and fully upgraded with 4.0 opportunities, as well as having a knowledgeable staff familiar with working with APIs and using the methods provided by Compass to integrate with third-party tools.

Tami Dittemore, VP of Operations with Compass Sales Solutions says, “Our new API offers a simple way to build your own custom integrations. It is a flexible tool with a lot of potential for tasks such as bringing in important lead generating material or getting data from your other tools to your sales reps’ fingertips in Sherpa.”

If you would like to know more about pricing and availability of the new Sherpa API, please contact [email protected]

About Compass Sales Solutions:

Since 2001, Compass Sales Solutions has been the leading sales force automation provider for the office technology industry in 8 countries with over 13,000 users. Compass Sherpa provides a comprehensive suite that automates all aspects of the sales process and allows your sales professionals to utilize one tool to manage their sales goals completely. This includes prospect/client identification, Outlook integration, product configuration, proposal generation, MPS analysis and mapping, ERP integration, and mobile access via smartphones and tablets.  Compass Sherpa will be the tool your team will want to use, not have to use.