WABASH, IN — The FlashEx from Intimus is a rugged, durable shredder designed to quickly, easily and safely destroy a wide variety of electronic media. Because of FlashEx’s compact size, quiet operation and 120V power requirement it can be used anywhere, including office environments.  Even small companies can take control of electronic media destruction avoiding the hassles and potential liabilities that come with storing obsolete data bearing devices and later releasing them to a 3rd party destruction service.

Items that can be easily destroyed by FlashEx include Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs), Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Mini Tablets, USB Sticks as well as Optical Media (CDs/DVDs), Floppy Disks, Credit Cards and ID Badges. Despite the FlashEx’s compact size of only 23” x 24” x 39” it boasts an impressive throughput capacity of up to 100 mobile phones or 500 USB Sticks per hour.

19217 FlashEx

Small items like USB Sticks or CDs are fed via a narrow slot with automatic spring load closure. Larger items are fed through a slide open/close feed slot on the top of the unit. The larger feed slot cover is constructed of heavy-duty clear plastic that allows operators to view the destruction process while preventing debris from being ejected during destruction. Once an item enters the destruction chamber, heavy steel, claw-style cutters grab it and tear, rip, mangle and shred it to a final particle size of only 4mm x 15mm making reconstruction virtually impossible.

FlashEx waste particles meet the following DIN Levels: O-3 / T-4 / E-3.

FlashEx waste particles fall from the destruction chamber into a plastic collection bin in the base cabinet. The unit is mounted on casters for easy relocation from one area to another.

For more information, contact Peter Dempsey, Intimus International, 251 Wedcor Avenue, Wabash, IN 46992, TEL: (800) 775-2122, www.intimus.com

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