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WABASH, IN — Gladiator™ Hard Drive Shredders from Intimus are high torque, low-speed shredders designed specifically for the physical destruction of a wide range of digital storage media. These compact yet powerful devices feature specially hardened cutters that rip items into small shreds.

The shredder is equipped with two separate cutting chambers, each with its own clearly labeled feed chute. This dual-chamber design allows the Gladiator to be used for both HDD and SSD media.  Large cutters on the HDD side destroy conventional hard drives including chassis, platters and circuit boards. Smaller cutters on the SSD side destroy solid-state drives, optical media including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray, as well as tape media including credit cards, ID badges, floppy discs, VHS, and computer tape.  The relative DIN levels met for each type of media are H-4, E-2, 0-2, and T-2.

Operating the Gladiator is simple. A master control panel mounted to the front of the unit controls all machine functions. It includes a lockable master switch and an emergency E-Stop button. Items are placed in the appropriate feed chute which is equipped with a hinged safety flap to prevent material from inadvertently exiting the cutting chamber. Shredded waste falls into a generously sized 32-gallon waste bin.

At 41” wide x 33” deep, the Gladiator requires only minimal floor space. The unit is powered by a robust 4.5 HP motor and is available in 220V/60 Hz and 400V/50 Hz electrical configurations.

For more information, contact Peter Dempsey, Intimus International, 251 Wedcor Avenue, Wabash, IN 46992, TEL: (800) 775-2122, www.intimus.com

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