The Montreal company has been awarded a prime spot on the prestigious list for the second year running.

Quebec-based firm, Certified Cartridges, announced it has “earned an enviable spot” on Canada’s Profit 500 list, with Canadian Business magazine ranking the company 68th on a list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies. Only 82 companies from Quebec have managed to make the list, and Certified Cartridges is in the top 20 of these.

The firm, which sells printing products and collects empty ink cartridges, achieved this prominent position in the rankings due to its five year revenue growth of 1, 012 percent.

Certified Cartridges was founded by two engineering students in 2006 and now has a staff of 90, with over 3,000 corporate and individual customers in both Canada and the United States. Most of the company’s sales are conducted online.

Founder and president of Certified Cartridges, Matthieu Laroche, explained, “As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to take concrete steps to contribute to the sustainable and social development of our community. At Certified Cartridges, this mindset has been deeply rooted in our DNA since the beginning.”

Certified Cartridges, which initially began by selling printing products, experienced a surge in its growth when it “introduced its collection service for empty ink cartridges, which now diverts 2.2 million cartridges from landfill each year.”

Certified Cartridges is also devoted to its “human resources approach”, with Laroche developing a partnership with a Montreal rehabilitation centre for developmental impairment and pervasive developmental disorders. Laroche states, “We have the opportunity to work with people who have a physical disability such as deafness or an intellectual disability such as autism or Downs syndrome. Each individual brings his or her own expertise and personality to our team and contributes to the success and growth of Certified Cartridges.”

He added, “I like to call us the Feel Good Company, because a healthy work environment and happy employees have a direct impact on the satisfaction of our customers and account in no small part for their loyalty, which we greatly appreciate.”