Arkansas-based United Family Services’ caseworkers are in the human services field because they care about people, not for the love of paperwork. United Family Services’ goal is to keep families together with programs aimed at reducing the number of juvenile offenders sent to the State Youth Services Center and decreasing placement of children into foster care. United Family Services implemented DocuWare Cloud to manage case files between five offices that serve more than 700 clients.

The result is improved information security coupled with quick, easy access to information when needed. Many clients are involved in more than one program, and an online intake form eliminates manual data entry and duplication of effort. Document retrieval time has also been drastically reduced now that files are no longer checked in and out of a file room.

“Moving away from paper was hard for some of our employees but after a few weeks of seeing the benefits of a digital document solution and the user-friendliness of DocuWare Cloud, those that initially opposed came back to us to tell us how much they really liked the new system,” explained Lekita Thomas, Special Program Manager.

Read the full case study about how caseworkers have more time with Docuware cloud here.

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