DENVER, Colorado, February 2021 – Visual Media Alliance (VMA)—a non-profit organization established to provide creatives, web, media, marketing, and print professionals the very best benefits and money-saving programs available—is providing commercial printers and their customers the option to reduce their printing impact on the environment with PrintReleaf.

Using PrintReleaf’s cloud-based software, VMA members and their customers have the option to measure their total paper consumption for any print job and ‘releaf’ that total into an equivalent number of trees which are then automatically and certifiably planted around the world at reforestation sites of their choice.

“We have been eager to grow into the Northern and Central California markets as well as Northern Nevada. We believe VMA members, and their end customers in this regional market will respond positively to the PrintReleaf offering. So, we are grateful to VMA for partnering with us,” said Jordan Darragh, Founder and CEO of PrintReleaf.

“VMA supports sustainability so we’re excited to offer PrintReleaf’s exciting service to our members. PrintReleaf makes sustainability affordable and will help our members offer a strong value prop to their customers. It’s a win win win, allowing us all to feel good in doing our part for environment,” added Ian Flynn, President of Visual Media Alliance.

About Visual Media Alliance

Visual Media Alliance (VMA) is a non-profit trade organization serving graphic arts small businesses in Northern California since 1935. VMA offers comprehensive insurance, HR and operations tools, networking opportunities, discounts, educational programs, and much more to help their members save time and money. To learn more, visit

About PrintReleaf

PrintReleaf creates a global sustainability standard by certifiably guaranteeing to releaf the paper consumption of PrintReleaf customers. PrintReleaf is the only technology platform that measures customers’ paper usage and certifiably reforests that usage on an equivalent basis. The patented PrintReleaf technology not only tracks paper consumption, but also monitors PrintReleaf reforestation partners to ensure fulfillment. Market-leading companies with a passion for the environment and a progressive concern for advancing environmental stewardship, together with their customers, rely on PrintReleaf to provide a nexus of partnerships involving forestry, technology, and business. For more information, please visit

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