ALBERTSON, N.Y.Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vandis Inc. announces the addition of the Barracuda CloudGen WAN solution to its Microsoft Azure Lighthouse managed service offerings. This technology allows organizations to implement a secure SD-WAN solution while leveraging Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN) to obtain enterprise connectivity and throughput for meshed connectivity between Branch, Datacenter, and Cloud.

With Vandis’ latest offering, organizations can leverage Microsoft’s global network (rather than MPLS or leased lines) and Barracuda’s CloudGen WAN product to maximize SD-WAN performance while minimizing cost. Vandis will architect, implement, and manage this solution to allow branch offices to connect to a CloudGen WAN gateway inside the vWAN hub enabling anywhere, anytime application access with a central point of administration.

Offering Benefits:

  • Rapidly deploy an SD-WAN network
  • Unify security policies across branch offices, remote users, and cloud environments
  • Lower costs by shifting from inflexible MPLS to Microsoft’s global network
  • Ensure uptime and fine-tuning of security configurations with ongoing monitoring and management

As a recognized Azure Lighthouse MSP (Managed Service Provider) with extensive knowledge of Azure and Barracuda technology, Vandis optimizes clients’ environments to ensure uptime, minimize troubleshooting, and provide continuous improvements and security configuration updates.

“This innovative solution will enable our clients to change the way they connect multiple remote locations between each other and their cloud environment,” said Vandis’ CTO Ryan Young, “With our engineering team’s experience and close working relationship with Barracuda, we will help clients redefine their networks alongside Azure’s vWAN and Barracuda CloudGen.”

“Together, Barracuda CloudGen WAN and Vandis’ Lighthouse offering provide customers with a full-service solution to enable and manage their connectivity from their branch offices to the cloud and their business critical apps,” said Nicole Napiltonia, Vice President, Global Alliances at Barracuda. “We are pleased to support them as they launch this innovative new service.”

For more information or to set up a free consultation, contact Vandis at 516-281-2200 or [email protected].

About Vandis

Vandis offers security, cloud, networking, mobility and infrastructure services to promote the establishment of secure and stable systems for clients both on-prem and in the cloud. With over 35 years of industry experience, Vandis offers comprehensive strategies that combine our client’s security and networking needs. Able to handle projects on regional, national, and global scales, Vandis works closely with both market-leading and niche manufacturers to deliver custom solutions.


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