UBEO Business Services (“UBEO”), a premier provider of printer, copier, and related office equipment sales and services is proud to announce that Business Copy Associates of Boston, Massachusetts has joined the UBEO family of companies.

Since 1962, Business Copy Associates has been recognized as an award winning and leading provider of business technology solutions in the Greater Boston area and beyond. BCA is also the official copier provider of the Boston Red Sox and is an active member of the community.

“Our industry has been around a long time and is constantly evolving,” commented Bill Horrigan, Owner of Business Copy Associates. “Our industry is becoming more competitive and more diversified at the same time. Choosing to join UBEO is the best decision we could have made for our employees and our customers. Our employees will continue to thrive and now have more opportunity to grow their careers at UBEO. For our customers, it means more choices in products, additional value-added services, and a much deeper support system.”

“With BCA joining UBEO, we are getting another solid organization with a long history of exceptional service,” said Jim Sheffield, CEO of UBEO, LLC. “We have gotten to know the team at BCA very well over the past year, and all are exceptional people. We couldn’t be happier to bring the UBEO experience to the Boston market. It’s an iconic American city and a great opportunity for us to grow.”

About UBEO Business Services
Co-headquartered in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, UBEO is now the fastest growing business technology organization in the country. In 2018, UBEO, LLC exceeded over 3x in annual revenue growth. While the organization is rapidly growing, its commitment to excellence is paramount. UBEO Business Services with its best of breed offering remains committed to being the “high-end customer experience” in the industry. UBEO’s success is attributable to its commitment to acquire best-in-class companies and build a premiere brand in the Document Technology industry. For more information, please visit www.ubeo.com.

About Business Copy Associates
Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Business Copy Associates has been in operation since 1962. BCA has helped its customers navigate the everchanging landscape of business technology. Led by Bill Horrigan and David McGeney, BCA has enjoyed unwavering customer loyalty and steady growth over time. To learn more about Business Copy Associates, visit their website at www.businesscopy.com.

About Jim Kahrs and Prosperity Plus
Jim Kahrs, president and founder of Prosperity Plus, represented the Bill Horrigan and BCA throughout the transaction. Prosperity Plus, celebrating its 20th year in July, has now participated in more than 275 transactions ranging from $1 million in revenue to north or $50 million. Jim can be reached at (631) 382- 7762 ext. 101 or by email at [email protected].