By Eve Padula, Keypoint Intelligence

Those of us in the United States recently welcomed the unofficial start of summer over Memorial Day weekend. The weather is getting warmer and another school year will soon be coming to a close, so it’s no surprise that more people are enjoying the great outdoors. Of course, everyone understands that caring for our planet must be an integral part of ensuring that the outdoors can be enjoyed for generations to come. Businesses and consumers alike are becoming increasingly conscious about the detrimental impact that certain processes can have on our environment, so it’s more important than ever for brands to position themselves as being sustainable and environmentally sound.

Today’s buyers want complete transparency into how businesses operate, so simply being conscious of the environment or promoting your business as “eco-friendly” is not enough. Even though most organizations understand the importance of sustainability, change is seldom easy. Fortunately, there are many earth-friendly practices that most companies (regardless of size or industry) can implement to reduce their impact on the environment.


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